PT MGI established in October 2013 and located on Jalan Daan Mogot, Kalideres, West Jakarta.

PT MGI is engaged in consulting and supplier of raw materials for beverages and snacks. We have supplied thousands of hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as UMKM in Indonesia.

With the best quality and service, competitive prices and an sustainable supply of raw materials, PT MGI has become a pioneer in the beverage business. PT MGI is the answer to every consumer need. Consumer trust is our pride.


PT MGI’s vision is to become a provider of raw materials in the field of food and beverages that are of high quality, safe for consumption and affordable for consumers throughout Indonesia.


PT MGI Provides high quality food and beverage raw materials, both local and imported products, competitive prices, has legality and complies with all applicable regulations in Indonesia.

PT MGI innovates in the provision of raw materials by developing the latest variants and flavors that are currently popular in society in accordance with the times, so that the food and beverage business in Indonesia can continue to grow rapidly and advance and help the economy move.