MGI Surabaya - Supplier Bahan Baku Minuman, Topping Minuman, Soft Ice Cream, Snow Ice

Fortune Favors
The City of Braves

Welcome to MGI Surabaya, the centre for raw material supplies for HORECA industries.

At this strategic location, our branch office specialize in providing high-quality raw materials to meet the unique demands of businesses in the region.

Our Vow

Our dedicated team at the Surabaya branch vow to ensures efficient delivery management, guaranteeing that our valued customers receive top-notch materials promptly.

Sirup Buah Asli Gee Zie PT MGI

Ignite Ambition

Only at MGI Surabaya, get Free Product Tester, Free Training, Free Develop Menu, Free Consultation for your HORECA Business!

CS Surabaya
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